Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things Found in Library Books

By Crypststine Maria
PO Box 893
Salem, MA

I love libraries. A friend once said that the existence of a well used library indicated the sort of society he wanted to live in (a sense of community, wanting to experience new things, not needing to own things, and other stuff I don’t remember). Plus they usually have lots of comics I can read.

Maria works in a library and sometimes finds weird things in books. You know how it is; you’re reading a book and suddenly you need a bookmark, what do you use? The first thing at hand of course! Thus this collection of notes, tickets, flyers, playing cards shaped like fish, and other things that people have used as bookmarks.

There’s nothing really strange (like bacon) used as a bookmark, but Maria does include some examples of things put through the book drop or left in the library that are rather strange.

If you’re looking for weird things in libraries one place that is worth checking are the recycling bins next to the photocopiers. Both a friend and I used to work in libraries and we used to haul out the weirdest things from those bins: diagrams, pictures, and random pieces of text that didn’t make a lot of sense.

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