Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ich My Fish is Sick

By Dawn Wing

Woaaaaah. Just look at that image above! An origami fish thing! I can’t imagine making one of those to hold your zines. Well, I guess I can. I’ve made origami things before, but making one for each copy of your zine? That is awesome dedication that I clearly do not have. I mean, I find doing more than two folds for a zine to be intensely annoying.

I’m a little afraid the tail might fall off, and it would be extra amazing if the zine was square and fit inside the fish completely, but really, who cares? Look at this thing!

Inside there’s a short comic about ich, which is some sort of horrible fish disease parasite thing. Ewwww, I hate reading about parasites, even ones that say “hey”. There follows Wing researching how to fight ich, and then doing so. *Bang!* *Pow!* There’s a bit of text that confused me a bit (a winner who’s going to lose?), but the fish seems to get better and everyone is happy. Hurray!

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  1. Hi again Matt!

    Thanks for reviewing my mini-comic.
    I appreciate your thoughts.

    I noticed the textual confusion you mentioned, and realized it would have been clearer had I simply drawn a line to separate the supporting text of the illustrations from the text of main narrative. It was supposed to read with the pictures "research+attitude= winner," and the bottom text, "who (the parasite) will soon lose this fight."

    Next time, I'll be more aware design elements to avoid narrative confusion.

    As for the size of the comic, I made the conscious decision of having the the word "sick" of the title stick out of the fish's mouth as if the fish was announcing its condition.

    But please let me know why your preference of it being square and fitted inside the fish could change/enhance the overall comic as I'm curious to know.

    Sassy Spinster

    sassy.spinster (at)


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