Thursday, October 14, 2010

Constipated Rhythms Issue Six

By a bunch of people

I dunno, I don’t really get zines that are just collections of doodles. I mean, the cover of this one is nice enough, there’s an awesome drawing of some monsters, and some of the contents took some effort, but at the same time there’s just loads of stuff in here that looks like it was done in 12 seconds.

A lot of the content also just seems like weird in-jokes that that the creators would get, but just leave me confused. Or maybe some of the jokes and comics in here are just incomprehensible to everyone. There’s a thing in the middle about a foot giving fashion advice that (when I can read the lettering) is just utterly beyond my understanding.

I’m not opposed to doodles and poorly drawn comics. They can be awesome! And indeed there’s stuff in here I like, but I’m always a little confused by things like this. Why not spend an extra hour on your picture if you’re going to publish it? Different priorities I suppose.

Still, this is a pretty awesome monster picture.

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