Saturday, October 2, 2010

Holy Moly

By Kathleen De Vere

De Vere is best known for being in the sketch comedy group Loading Ready Run and the humourous video game newscast The Escapist News Network, but before that she also did comics for her university newspaper and online. Here's one I was in! (Bottom right hand corner.) Though this one is funnier.

De Vere hasn't drawn comics in a while, but earlier this year she started making mini comics. How exciting! To be honest you won't get all the jokes here if you haven't been watching the Loading Ready Run videos as it features people (including Kathleen) who star in them. But as I have been watching the videos for years it doesn't really matter to me. (Plus they're pretty funny, you should go watch them.)

The art style is rougher than De Vere's earlier stuff, but it manages to capture the appearances of the real people that show up much better than when I showed up in her comic. The style kind of reminds me of some of Kate Beaton's sketch comics, though the Goth King totally owes a lot to Jhonen Vasquez (what is he even doing at the moment?)

In this issue De Vere visits the Goth King, goes on a spirit journey into her own soul, and makes lots of butt jokes. I found it amusing, but I have no idea how you'd even get a copy. Go watch some of the videos I linked to above instead.

Here's (a kinda old) one! It doesn't have Kathleen in it though (or as good production values as their newer videos, but I still like this one).

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