Friday, October 29, 2010

The Society for the Promotion of Vestibules and Vestibule Awareness

By The Society

Vestibules are those weird little corridor/hall bits some people have just inside their front door. Usually there are piles of shoes and umbrellas lying there. Or at least that’s what I thought vestibules were until I read this zine.

Vestibules may be those specific hallways, but they can also be those weird little bits connecting train carriages, the part of the mouth inside the lips and before the teeth (!), the space between dimensions (!!!), and airlocks for spaceships! I never thought I would be reading about astronaut related things when I picked up this zine, how exciting!

Unfortunately there are no pictures of astronauts included here, but there is a super awesome pop-up book style page that shows you what the vestibule of a house might look like, and the doors on the cover actually open. Totally awesome.

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