Wednesday, October 6, 2010

(Not Quite) an Hourly Comic

By Rob Cureton

For an hourly comic you’re supposed to stop every hour for a day and draw something you did in the previous sixty minutes. Some people are able to make the most mundane experiences from their lives into exciting comics. Other people wait until they’ve got a day when they’ll do something exciting and do a comic based on that. This is clearly wrong and immoral because Hourly Comics Day is February 1st, as all thoughtful humanoids know.

Cureton has chosen the second, blasphemous, type, and in fact he has made it even more deviant by not even drawing the comics as the day progressed, but instead doing them retrospectively. Though on the up side he at least admits that he is a fraud (insert smiley emoticon).

Cureton picked a fairly good day for this account, as it’s filled with cute girls, drinking, and various people dancing (on a roof in one case). Though I do wonder if the day of the roof-dancing guy was more exciting.

Cureton’s art isn’t super detailed, but that’s not really the point of hourly comics. Despite this there are some places where I quite like Cureton’s art: the way he shows himself dancing, the expressions the characters have, and the way their giant mouths make it look like they’re yelling at each other all the time.

The major problem with doing these comics retroactively is that you don’t remember what you were doing. Quick, what where you doing at 3 o’clock on Sunday? I have no idea (actually, I was probably just using the internet...). And thus here we’re presented with what appears to be Cureton riding the bus for two consecutive hours. It’s possible that he actually did this as one of the bus pages features police and a diversion, but it seems unlikely.

Perhaps one thing projects like this do is make us think about our lives; are we stuck in a routine that we do every day? (Specifically a routine we don't enjoy.) I hope Hourly Comic Day has caused people to go and have adventures so that their comics are more exciting. More adventures for more people!

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