Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This is a brief art zine that features drawings of the ground and landscape from a four day, 45 mile (72km) hike along trails in Washington state. Let me begin by saying "that sounds like something I never want to do". While I enjoy nature a lot, and really hate when it is destroyed by ever expanding human settlements, I am generally okay with it existing somewhere else and never (or rarely) visiting it. Sometimes I think that's probably better for the environment in general. For a really awesome and moving documentary about how humanity effects nature you should check out Bear 71. It kind of blew my mind, both in regards to its content and the way it told its story.

On a much smaller scale Vantage also impressed me with the way it presented its content. The zine is a tiny square enclosed by a paper band featuring information about the zine printed on it. The zine itself doesn't contain any text, but does feature a lot of awesome fold outs! You turn the first page of the zine and are presented with an image spread across two pages, that you can open up to show a different image. I'm describing this really poorly, but suffice to say it's really neat! The drawings are more or less what you'd expect from a four day hike, but I enjoyed the photorealistic style used to portray the close ups of plants and rocks.

Plus there's a message printed on the inside of the band that goes around the zine. I didn't see it at first so it seemed like a secret hidden message! Awesome.

(This is one of the fold out spreads with only the right-hand side unfolded.)

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