Thursday, June 27, 2013

July is International Zine Month!

Did you know that July is International Zine Month? It is! You should check out the website and the facebook page to find out the full list of events, but here are some that I'm excited about!

July 2nd: Make a Top 10 list of reasons why your love zines, post them online if you would like.
(We're going to be doing this at the Zine Pavilion at the ALA conference in Chicago!)

July 13th: Zine Trade Day! Ask someone if they would like to trade zines with you.
(I'm totally going to do this at the Iowa City Zine Librarian (un)Conference!)

July 15th: Leave a zine in public for someone else to find.
(I do this all the time at the #UBCnoox!)

July 17th: Review a zine online or write a review of a zine to add to your zine.
(Okay, well this one is kind of obvious...)

July 27th: Organize a zine event! A zine reading or a zine fair or fest or even just for friends to get together and work on their zines.
(I think I'll be in Toronto on this date, and I'd love to go to a zine event! Does anyone know of any happening there?)

I'm also totally going to make a 24 hour zine at some point during the month. Exciting!

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