Wednesday, June 12, 2013

For the Record I Know this is a Bad Idea

By Eroyn Franklin

I can't say for sure why this zine is named as it is, but I feel it reflects the content of the comics inside. Not that they're about characters doing things they know are bad ideas (well, some of them are), but more an admission from the author that even making these comics is a poor idea in the first place.

The comics inside here seem so...negative. And I guess they're supposed to be funny (and some of them sort of are), but I'm clearly not in the right mind set for this sort of thing right now. Comics about how nobody cares about you, drunk people passing out on the sidewalk after throwing up and making out, pregnant kids getting kicked in the stomach, laughing at someone saying "I love you", a character talking about giving their wife black eyes; It's all just...not what I want to read right now. Or ever for that matter.

Urgh, where are the comics about dinosaur robots shooting laser beams?

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