Thursday, June 20, 2013

Double Think

By Matt Aucoin

This looks like it's going to be a week of comic anthologies! This time it's a solo effort as Aucoin presents a number of pinups and comics with no apparent theme. The opening piece Godman (the one with the mermaid) is subtitled "A Wild Romp Through a Messed Up Dreamland", and doesn't make a lot of sense as I think it might actually be based on a dream. The main character just goes from event to event with connections that don't make any sense, and really weird stuff being treated as totally normal. It's kind of strange, but then dreams often are.

Next there are a couple of "teen romance" comics. One of which is about someone who's kind of horrible, and one that is about someone you think is horrible up until the ending. I preferred the latter, as I'm not really a big fan of reading about people doing jerk-y things. There are a number of other comics, from seemingly true worm rescue stories, to a bizarre historical piece about US independence.

One of the most interesting things about this comic is how Aucoin really varies his art style between each story. Some use thick lines and are incredibly cartoony, others use a thinner line, scratchier inking, and a more realistic style. It's interesting to see an artist do this, and I'm wondering if it was because Aucoin was still trying to find his own personal style, or if he thought each different story could be better told with a different kind of art. For whatever reason he chose, Aucoin manages to use the style differences effectively throughout this comic.

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