Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Panel 14: Panel of Horror

It's kind of crazy how influential old EC comics are. I mean, they're referenced constantly despite not actually putting out that many issues. The horror comics EC are known for only existed for a few years in the early 1950s, and none of those series even made it to 30 issues. It's possible there are more X-Men or Batman comics put out every month than original issues of Tales from the Crypt!

Yet, something about them has clearly stuck in people's heads, as they get referenced over and over again (and both of those examples are just ones I've made!).

This is an anthology comic that features several "horror" stories. The opening story by Craig Bogart is about a musician who is destined to learn the last new song ever. It features a Greek muse, people chained up in cellars, and a twist ending (of course!) that I actually thought was pretty good. The final story is written by Dara Naraghi and drawn by Andy Bennett, and is a little cliched, but also a fairly effective creepy story about a guy who thinks his dentist is out to get him.

The other stories didn't do that much for me. There's a werewolf story where I saw the twist coming on page two, a comic about various classic Hollywood monsters driving cars that just goes on forever and doesn't have an ending or much of anything (like backgrounds), and a weird story about a picnic basket that has art I enjoyed (see below), but not much of a plot.

Of course, the worst thing about this comic is that the giant ant on the cover doesn't appear anywhere inside. Boooooo.

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