Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mad cream

By Colm Wood

This is kind of weird.

The comics here are all one or two pages long, though there are a number of characters who are repeated in them. There’s Donkey Boy, who’s dressed in a donkey costume for no apparent reason, some ugly dogs, and “That’s the Spirit”, which was my favourite.

“That’s the Spirit” is about a (mostly) silent girl who is haunted by a number of ghosts. The ghosts take the form of crazy looking masks and are all kind of dicks, demanding that the girl cook them a full English breakfast, and apparently were cheating on their ghost paramours. It’s bizarre stuff, and I wouldn’t mind reading some more of it.

The production values here are very high (nice paper, printed in colour), but the art inside is at times incredibly rough and sketchy. It’s interesting to see the blue pencil guide lines beneath the inked work in the art, and when the art is actually finished Wood has a pretty good style that seems to have been influenced by animation.

But the price of this thing is apparently £5 (including postage), and I don’t think the twenty pages here are worth that. You should probably just go to his website.

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