Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Bus Issue Two

By Patrick Lynch
3 Euro

Hey, what does Matthew love? That's right! Robots!

I'll be totally honest I picked this up for the awesome one page comic strip called "The Continuing Adventures of Paddy and Giant Robot". This page is supposedly episode six, but I think that's part of the joke and it's just a one off. I'd like to read more though.

In this comic Paddy wakes up, talks to the giant (four stories sitting down) robot chilling' outside his house, and gets the latest Facebook gossip from him. I really loved the idea of having a giant robot as a personal assistant and just using him for completely menial tasks like checking Facebook and warming croissants. Stellar.

The other comics are (sadly) lacking in robots. Instead they deal with a family that seems to be on the rocks relationshipwise. A woman has gone back to visit her dad and taken the kids (who don't really understand what's going on) with her, and it was pretty good even if there weren't any robots in it. Maybe I can pretend the grandfather was one...

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