Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dust/Leopards in Leotards

(Thanks to Lizz's site for the images.)

By Lizz Lunney

Why look! It's a comic by my favourite person who I know is also a character in Bad Machinery. This is a flip book (as in you flip it over and there's another story, not as in you flip through the pages and there's animation) featuring leopards and dust!

In the Leopard side we are presented with a sort of TV nature show style narration telling us about these specific leopards, why they do change their spots, what they do with their days (tai chi and pilates mostly), and why they piss off the other big cats.

While there is some gratuitous use of words begining with the letter 'l' here, I kind of wish there had been a lot more, as it would have turned it into something so terrible it was good again (not that this is terrible to begin with).

I think my favourite part of the Dust side is the cover. It seems like it must have been really annoying to draw all those little dust mites to make the text, but I think it makes for a really good image. Inside we have a similar style to the leopard one, pictures matched with a TV documentary style narration. We're told about different types of dust (radioactive dust is bad!), where you can find them, and what you should do with it (clean it up of course!).

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