Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cidade Solar #38

By Fernanada Meireles

I'm feeling rather lazy today, and thus a review of a zine not in English is called for.

It's too bad really, as that cover image is awesome, and I'd definitely want to read whatever happened to be inside something displaying that. What is inside are various drawings by other artists (none as good as the cover), a bunch of text in Portugese (I think), and a photo of an interesting looking room.

What I do know about this zine is that it was part of a project to create a zine every week for a year. Woah! That is pretty intense. They're pretty tiny, and they're not very long, but that is totally an awesome project to work on. Maybe I'll try doing it for next year. I mean, I was managing my one a month goal pretty well this year until I went off travelling. How do you manage your zine making?

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