Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Exciting boxes!

So last week I got a note through the door saying there was a package for me and that I should go pick it up. I went to the post office and what did I find?

Woaaaah, that's a huge box. I haven't opened a Diamond Comics box in years, whatever could be in it?

A million billion minicomics from my good friend (now bff) Jen Vaughn, who I met last year at the Portland Zine Symposium, creates a rad webcomic about mermaids, and works at the Schultz Library at the Center Centre for Cartoon Studies. My review of one of her comics is also the most viewed one on this site.

This pile of comics now means my stack of zines/minicomics is so big that reading (and reviewing) them will bring me well into next year. And of course I keep getting more. Faced with this "problem" I pretty much looked like this:

And to distract you from how terrible I look in that photo I'll point out that you can see one of my Werebears in the background.

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