Wednesday, November 24, 2010


By Nick Patten , Betsey Swardlick, Penina Gal, Joshua Rosen, José-Luis Olivares, and Jon Chad.

Werewolves! Oh goodness gracious me! Werewolves are awesome! Rarrrrrrgggghhh. (Though looking through this comic, it seems some variation on “Awoooooo” is the most popular werewolf phrase.)
I really liked this little comics anthology which featured comics from a bunch of different people, all of which I enjoyed. They’re generally of the humorous variety, though there is a more melancholic one, and the final one is straight up action.

The comics themselves deal with turning into a werewolf (“Aaah. I’ve vomited all my human teeth!!”), being a werewolf, having sex with a werewolf, hiding behind a werewolf, and the ever popular fighting a werewolf.

Of the stories the strangest is probably the Snoopy crossover by José-Luis Olivares, my favourite joke is the one pager by Jon Chad, and my favourite artwork in the piece by Joshua Rosen (see below), though I am wondering who did the cover as it is rad. I did like all of the comics though, and if you like werewolves you should definitely find a copy.


Who spilled my red wine?!

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  1. Thanks for the write-up! Nick Patten drew the cover, and his current site is

    Actually, most of the Werewolf crew have new websites, anyone interested in those or in our two other volumes can check out for all that info! Thanks!


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