Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shadowplay #19

Edited by Alex Lawson

This isssue of an anthology zine from Nottingham/Sheffield is a few years old, but still has some decent content. How much exactly I can’t really say, as I read the whole thing while kind of sleep deprived, and I have absolutely no memory of some of the pieces (the ones that weren’t amazing or terrible, though I don’t think there was anything terrible in here).

There’s a piece on a world music festival that kind of reflected my own experience at one (ie. there is no such thing as world music, you will probably find something you enjoy listening to), plus an agony aunt, pieces on films and art, fiction and graffiti in Eastern Europe, and a piece on Black Adder I seem to not have read at all. I told you I was sleep deprived, hold on while I read this.

(Like an hour later.) Oh distractions! I can’t even say I got distracted and watched an episode of Black Adder, which I kind of want to do now after reading that article. I really enjoyed watching that show as a kid.

Um, so the rest of the zine features some music and show reviews, which aren’t of punk music! There’s even a few hiphop groups in here. I’ll have to look them up later.

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