Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Menstruation Station: “Menarche Aboard!”

Menstruation Station: “Menarche Aboard!”
By Jen Vaughn
PO Box 141
Hartford, VT
05047, USA

The creator of this comic actually apologized to me when we were trading, because the only one of her comics she had left to trade was the one about girls bleeding, and boys hate that because it is icky and gross. I thought that was funny, and traded with her anyway (despite girls bleeding being icky and gross, ew).

The comics and art here are all related to, eep, periods. And some of them are gross, though probably not in the way you expect. There’s a “wimpy uterus” that you can cut out and wear like a menstrual mask (you too boys!), a comic about a rock band that almost makes me throw up a little in my mouth, and something about an “engorgement charm” that I don’t think I really want to know any more about.

Not that it’s all about that, the opening strip is a romance set at a circus, and while it does kind of tie in to the overall theme, you can just ignore the last panel and read it as a straight story.

So maybe I would have enjoyed one of Vaughn’s other comics more, but it probably wouldn’t have caused as physical a reaction, and that has to count for something right?


  1. Ha! Thanks for the review and sorry if I caused you to spew a bit on something precious. Your Vietnam zine was amazing by the way!

    I DO have more work online. My webcomic is called Mermaid Hostel ( and started back in November. Enjoy it and the lack of bodily fluids!

    -Jen Vaughn

  2. It only _almost_ made me throw up ; p

    I'm glad you liked my Vietnam zine! I can't make more of them now because the paper size in the UK is different. I'll check out your website though.

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