Saturday, July 24, 2010


Inside this paper bag there is a letter addressed to you. Probably not actually you as the letter recounts a very specific incident that certainly doesn't apply to me (I don't even drink milk!) and more than likely doesn't apply to you (I bet you don't even have a can of wasabi peas in your house).

The letter is not an apology, but rather recounts a discussion which had happened earlier. The original event isn't really delved into in detail (although maybe there is no detail), and no explanations are given.

This is all incredibly vague isn't it? I'm kind of doing that on purpose because there isn't much to this and I think it's worth reading if you ever see a copy. There is one mystery remaining though: I'm sure I've read this before somewhere, but I have no idea when or where I would have. Also, I dislike the way the word 'diagram' is used here.

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