Thursday, July 1, 2010

Half way there

Oh my goodness gracious me. The year is half over! Amazing! And yet I still have lots of zines to read, people sending me messages asking if I can review their zines, and events being planned (look look! I am helping to organize the Birmingham Zine Festival).

However, there comes a problem. Namely that I am currently gallivanting around Europe (I'm in Copenhagen!), have been for several weeks, and don't know when I'll be "home" again. I brought some zines with me, but so far haven't really managed to pick up any new ones, so there is the fear that in a couple of weeks I will run out of zines to review. Oh no! What will I do?

I'll figure something out, as to stop doing it right when people actually seem to be reading this thing would be kind of depressing.

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  1. Find some zine shops (or zinesters) in Copenhagen. Keep up the good work.


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