Thursday, July 1, 2010


By Joe List

Joe List is probably best known for doing The Annotated Weekender, where he draws weird monster people and doodles all over the Guardian’s weekend magazine. It’s cute and I kind of wish I’d had a copy with me when I got this off of him so that he could have drawn in mine.

This is a collection of sketchbook drawings and comics that List has done. The art work is quite similar to the stuff he does for The Annotated Weekender, but for whatever reason I feel that some of the charm is lost by having the art by itself.

Some of the jokes are still fairly amusing, but I didn’t find any of them super hilarious. Oh dang, looking through this again I clearly should have scanned the one about the ghost hole. I liked that one quite a bit.

Anyway, go look at his blog, and if you like what you see it might be worth checking this out too.

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