Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mix Tape

By Allan Haverholm

If for nothing else this comic is amazing for it's packaging. It's the size of a cassette tape and comes inside a cassette case. AMAZING. Plus once you get to the middle/end you have to flip it over to read the other side.

But what's inside? Oh it's another of these visual poem things I seem to have gotten a lot of recently. Why? I have no idea, or maybe I've just been reading certain comics the wrong way for years and never noticed.

Each page has two different images on it. Do they relate to each other? Sometimes I think they do, sometimes I don't. I am almost certainly positive there is no continuous narrative here.

Instead I wonder if this is actually a companion piece to an actual mix tape of some sort. The more I look at it the more I think that Haverholm played a mix of music and drew whatever it made him think of. If so it's a really cool idea, though I do wish that I knew what the music he may have been listening to while drawing this was. Oh well!

Woo, check out my fingers.

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