Friday, May 21, 2010

A Mini Zine Art Project for the Postally Inclined

By Su Mwamba

This is a mini zine (bet you couldn’t tell that from the title) that features a number of reproductions of artist trading cards. I love ATCs! I have two binders filled with cards other people have traded with me, I’ve run making/trading workshops for them in three different countries, and have even been on TV because of them.

However, I find this zine kind of strange. I like the trading aspect of the cards! Getting a physical object from another person. I guess I can understand the use of a zine like this to spread the word of ATCs or let people know about other people who are interested in trading, but I feel you could just do that by coordinating larger swaps, organizing workshops or events, or just giving people cards.

Also, the Wikipedia article on ATCs is one of the worse I’ve ever seen. There’s a section on “Letterboxing Trading Card” that is terrible, clearly written by someone who does not use Wikipedia very often, and not very informative. I guess I should rewrite it or something.

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