Sunday, May 2, 2010


By Tom England & Christopher Bernard Leahy

This zine is split into comics and prose parts, and I’m not really sure who did which. I’m only going to talk about the comics as I don’t really remember anything about the prose other than it not really being my thing.

The comics are what would be described as “black and white indie filth” (ironically) on a certain message board I post on that cares more about who is going to be in the Green Lantern movie than minicomics. And to some extent this fulfils the criteria for that as it’s just a people walking through a park by themselves, and pigeons being rained on.

However, I will point out that this is not a bad thing, as I did enjoy these comics. I’m sure I’ve totally dissed similar comics in the past, but the second story featuring no narration or speech but just pictures of a guy walking around looking at birds was good. During its four pages I tried to figure out from facial expressions what the main character was thinking about, an interesting challenge.

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