Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cute Things With Faces

By Bryony Matthewman
PO Box 1116

It is only now that I have sat down to write this review that I suddenly managed to read the cover of this zine. Things! Of course, that actually makes sense, I was wondering what “chengs” were.

This is a collection of poorly drawn comics. But don’t stop reading the review yet! Poorly drawn they may be, but some of these are actually really quite funny. There’s a really good one about sentient Tetris blocks, and another good one about clouds vomiting rainbows.

Okay, so I guess they’re not for everyone, but I enjoyed them. In addition to the comics there are a bunch of random doodles, and a recipe for a kind of horrifying sounding “Delicious Rainbow Cake”. Though that does raise the question of why I’m okay eating food colouring in candy, but not in cake. Hmm....

(Huh, apparently the girl who made this is internet/youtube famous. Crazy.)


  1. I really like your reviews. I read them everyday and figured I should tell you I enjoy them! :)

  2. Oh hurray! Thank you very much : )
    Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads these.

    If you've made a zine you should trade with me!


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