Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sugar Needle #34

Sugar Needle #34: The (Almost) Vegan Issue
By Phlox Icona and Corina Fastwolf
P.O. Box 66835
Portland, OR
97290, USA
$2 and a stamp, tall half sized.

Sugar Needle is a zine that reviews candy. That idea alone makes it pretty rad, but when combined with the format (I love that tall size), hand colouring, imaginary candies that the writers wished existed, and candy sent in from all over the world you have an awesome package.

This issue focuses mostly on vegan candies, which I was excited about. As a vegetarian I am frequently frustrated when I discover candy (or anything) has gelatin or some other animal product in it. Why are you putting that in candy? I do not understand!

There’s loads of reviews of different candies and chocolates in here that will probably make you hungry (I want to try the grapefruit parrots), plus images of the packaging so you know what to look for, and an interview with a vegan chocolate truffle maker in Portland. What more could you want? Well, other than answers to who comes up with these candy flavours (Elvis peanut butter and banana crème Reese’s), and why chocolate covered bacon seemed to be everywhere last year. Ew.


  1. How'd you get a hold of this one? Do they have an email contact I could drop a line at? o.O I too am a frustrated vegetarian.

  2. I emailed one of the people that makes this zine and got their permission to post an email address (it's up at the top!), and she gave me the price if you just want to send the cash to the PO box.

    Thanks for reading the blog! How'd you find it?

  3. I have a google alert set up to track whenever somebody mentions 'zine' on a blog. I get a lot of shitty spam-health-ad "e-zines" but occasionally something good turns up. So I followed you with my blogger account. I must say, you're entertaining. And thanks for the info!!

  4. Oh neat. Well I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. Tell you friends!


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