Friday, February 5, 2010

Shorts vol 2

Shorts vol 2
By Emily Block
Fortune Cookie Comics
Half sized.

This is a collection of two short comics, which you could probably tell from the title. Though I suppose it could be a comic about the clothing item.

The first story is entirely silent and is about a person trying to return some library books and the increasingly ridiculous ways they try to avoid some canvasers standing on the street asking people to donate to a specific charity. I worked as one of those people for a while, and you can just say “no thank you”! Honest! Though I suppose the fact that I would take “no” for an answer explains why I didn’t work in that position for very long.

The story goes kind of insane with the canvassers sending out waves of pure guilt, and pens and pencils being used as offensive weapons. It’s pretty funny and I liked the cartooning in it. It also uses grey tones effectively, adding an extra element to the black and white work.

The second comic is a short (two page) Pokemon parody that made me laugh. Oh violence, you are so entertaining.

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