Monday, February 1, 2010


By David Wynne

This comic is a lot of fun.

Theodore Sweeper is the Ideasman. He uses his wits and his gun to keep a transdimensional space, known as the gutter, swept clear of those who are against IDEAS (Interstitial Department of Eternal Affairs).

Sweeper fights his way through a wall of text into the zoo illogical to discover that his nemesis Hellvetika (“a rogue linguistrix banished from the Bibliosphere for Dewey Decimal deviance”) is stealing a Thesaurus Rex for nefarious deeds.

Before he can save the day Theo must face a thrown “EXPLOSION” which explodes, an octoplus, internet trolls, and bad puns before using italics to save the day.

Yes, it’s loaded with word play and puns, and maybe you have to be a font, design, and layout nerd to get half of the jokes, but as I’m clearly in that demographic I really enjoyed this. It even manages to insult the BNP, always a plus for any publication.

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