Friday, August 2, 2013


By Sam Sharpe

Poo is a collection of one page gag comics. Well, I guess I say they're comics, but are they really? In the example below you'll see that there's an image, and text underneath it that is clearly being said by a character, but that's more illustrated prose. Or prosed illustration. Of course, some would argue that words combined with pictures is what makes a comic, but at that point what stops picture books or Dr. Seuss being comics? (Maybe nothing depending on your point of view.)

Anyway, these gag illustrations (wait, some of them have speech/thought balloons, those ones must be comics!) are pretty funny. They run the gamut from cowboys talking about wearing chaps, squirrels loving nuts, and a cubist looking person who is upset that the painting of them looks "normal". There's also a great one about a "whaling wall". (Hey, do you know what's really hard? Describing gag comics!)

 Sharpe's art works well for this type of comic. It's fairly simple and "cartoony" (for lack of a better word), but also manages to be highly expressive. Characters might just have dots for eyes and a line or a circle for a mouth, but we're still able to tell how they're feeling through their body language, which is something I'm always happy to see in comics.

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