Monday, August 19, 2013

Echo Echo 10

The first half of this zine deals with Keet's early exposure to zines. Well not just that, but how it seemed almost inevitable that they would end up making zines. They tell how they wanted a mimeograph machine for their ninth birthday, enjoyed carrying around huge piles of paper, and how they wrote stories on their family's old computer.

These are snippets of reading books in class, not completing assignments "correctly", being blown away by the sort of things that zines can write about that you might not see otherwise (decolonialism, feminism, etc.), trying to be an anime fan, forgetting about zines entirely and then rediscovering them, and more.

It reminded me, in parts, about my own early experiences with zines and self publishing. I remember making my own fake newspaper, drawing (terrible) comics, making an anime fanzine (or really, more of a newsletter), not doing any sort of zine thing for _years_ before starting again, and I wonder how many people have similar stories of wanting to write and create going all the way back to their childhood.

The rest of the zine features comics and illustrations of real life events, and some fiction (I think), plus the awesome page below of "Indispensable Zine Materials".

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