Monday, August 12, 2013

Giant Monsters All-Out Destroy All Giant Monsters!!!!!!

By Benjamin Juers Indyk

This is a comic about giant monsters fighting each other. It is great. The end.

Okay fine, be that way. I'll actually write some stuff about what's in this comic. Giant Monsters All-Out Destroy All Giant Monsters!!!!!! is a comic about some kids who play with some toys that they pretend are giant, city destroying monsters. There's a vampire turtle rabbit, a winged tiger man, and a giant elephant eagle (all combinations are approximate). They are all totally boss (ie. great). 

They fight, they team up, they cause large scale property damage, they do all the things giant monsters are supposed to do (fly! Breath radiation circles!). Meanwhile the art switches between kids playing with their toys, and what it would look like if their toy monsters really existed. I thought it was a neat way to show what was "really" going on and what was happening in the kids' imagination.

The comic isn't that long, and I kind of wish it had just been all out monster fighting action, but I did enjoy it, and I'd happily read more comics (preferably about giant monsters...) by Indyk.

One thing that's kind of weird is that the "recommended listening to accompany this comic" on the back page is nine tracks long. The comic is only twelve pages! How slowly am I meant to read this?! : )

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