Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ollyollyoxenfree! #3

Edited by Cheyenne Neckmonster and someone else

I really like games. I run a gaming club, play videogames, have made my own copies of various games, and play Magic the Gathering (yes, I am that big of a nerd, I don't buy the cards at least).

Based on all of this though, you can probably see that I'm more fond of games that involve sitting down, and not too much running around. (While this makes me sound incredibly lazy, I'm not! I've played soccer and ultimate frisbee fairly extensively, just not recently...)

I'm getting off topic. The games in this zine are very much the type I remember playing as a kid at summer camps and friends' houses. There are hide and seek variations, circle games, games were you have to jump on people's shadows, games about music, and more.

(As another aside, do you remember when you were a kid and would just make up games? Like Calvinball? I walk along a path behind some houses every day on my way to and from work and I think it's rad to see all the chalk games and pictures kids draw on the ground when it's nice out.)

I'm not sure if I'll ever actually play any of these, but some of them sound pretty neat. There's Electron, where the goal is to run around a player you've chosen as your nucleus, while they try to run around theirs. It sounds super chaotic, but also pretty fun.

The next is called Moose, and features players pretending to be moose by having full antlers (both hands held up above their heads), or half antlers (only one hand). I won't explain all the rules, but it sounds like it'd be pretty hilarious to play. Plus the winners get to "graze on snow or whatever it is moose do".

Even if you have no intention of playing any of these games it's neat to read about them. Maybe you'll be inspired to play them yourself, or even create your own. And at the very least you'll know what's going on when you see a bunch of punks in the New York subway pretending to have antlers.


  1. Yes, yes, the final line is very similar to one in another review. It's a good line!

  2. !!! this zine sounds like exactly what i need for babysitting, gr8 idea !


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