Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bear With a Chainsaw issue #2

By Devin Renshaw

Devin's introduction to their monster zine is pretty amusing. It begins by claiming "Let's just get this straight. I have never done acid.", and goes on to say how people always seem to think that Devin's done a lot of drugs whenever they see the artwork from this zine.

Of course Devin says that these people can't really be blamed, as the art in these zines does look pretty weird. Plus most people tend not to draw lots of impossible looking monsters that feature strange details and textures. At one point Devin says that they like to think that the reason the monsters look so strange is that they are created by bizarre arcane magic, and that's a good enough reason for me too.

Bear With a Chainsaw is a zine that is just filled with drawings of monsters. Really messed up monsters that if I somehow came across them in real life I would almost definitely throw up and cry before being eaten by them. However, in the drawings themselves the monsters are aallmmmoooossssttt cute. Actually, that's probably the wrong word, but for whatever reason most of Devin's monsters don't look that scary (okay, there are one or two that are pretty terrifying).

I think this is because the many of the monsters don't look like they could actually support their own weight (at least under Earth gravity), and all of them are pretty ridiculous. One of them is even a maze!

Of course, I'm really just telling myself this in an attempt to avoid having nightmares tonight. Because if I convinced myself that these monsters actually were scary...well, I guess I'd probably just be hiding under my blankets and freaking out a little at every random sound outside my window.

Wait, what was that? Oh shit, whatever just went by my house didn't sound like a human or a car...

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