Friday, April 6, 2012

Help Salford Zine Library set up its new home

I got this email the other day, and figured I'd reprint it here. You can contact them at

You can help Salford Zine Library set up its new home by sponsoring
the project here:

Since the exhibition came to a close at Salford Museum and Art Gallery the library has been homeless. I have been desperately seeking a new place for it to reside. Looking for a pleasant and safe environment where people can comfortably read and peruse the archive at their own leisure. After much toing and froing looking for the right space I have been offered a permanent room at the Nexus Art CafĂ© in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

In its new home the archive will be accessible seven days a week from mid May but as you can see the space needs work. With your help and the skills of master craftsman Andy Yates – a man who says he can drill through anything - we can transform the space into the ideal new home we have long since dreamed of.

Our aim is to raise one thousand pounds by the end of April 2012. The money raised will go towards the building of shelves, comfy seats to sit down and read, lighting and giving the walls a nice lick of paint.

When the space is clean and safe we can deliver workshops as part of our educational programme and you can read you favourite zines in calm creative comfort.

You can donate in these amounts:

For £5! You get an invite to the opening launch night.

For £10! You also receive a freshly burnt DVD of the Salford Zine Library film ‘Self-Publishers of the World Take Over.’

For £20! Add to it a guided tour of the 3 x 5 metres room with head librarian Craig John Barr.

And for £50 and upwards! You get all of the previously mentioned plus you can pick an original piece of artwork listed from my website portfolio.

Please be generous and give today!

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