Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sweetest of Dreams

By BC Sterrett

The Perry Bible Fellowship was one of my (and everyone elses) favourite webcomics when it was coming out, and probably the nicest thing I can say about these comics is that some of them reminded me of the style of those comics.

Not all of them reach those heights though, just a few of them. They pretty much all feature a hallucinogenic kalediscope of horror (Santa Claus squid, severed heads, flying green deer), and in his introduction Sterrett says that many of these comics were inspired by dreams he had, so it makes a certain amount of sense. (Or at least it makes sense that the comics are, at times, nonsensical.)

The art is nice, using a cartoony style that both sanitizes the horrible things that are happening, and almost makes them seem even worse. Some of these comics have been inked and coloured by W. Varner, and they look really good. They "pop" in a way that the black and white ones cannot. Check out the colour scheme of the comic below! It looks awesome! I love the design of the clown (especially the panel where he's a giant), the weird monsters, and pretty much all of it. Why does it appeal to me so much? I really cannot say.

One final thing, or two really, that kind of affected my enjoyment of this comic. The first is that there's a portrayal of cannibals that I think is pretty racist. Or rather, it's the portrayal of an ethnic group as cannibals that is the racist bit. The second bit is that Sterrett states in one of his comics that he was a missionary in Taiwan, and as biggoted as it makes me, I kind of can't support anyone who does something like that.

Plus: Dude hates broccoli. How can you hate broccoli? It's delicious!

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  1. I actually love broccoli very much. I think it's funny so I write about it. Nice review :) -BC



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