Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Legend of Johnny Rocker

By Beth Hetland

The town of Bramble is in trouble! An evil giant rock god has come to their town, and has summoned eternal rain storms with his incredible bass guitar skills. Only one man can stop him, disaffected teenager Jonathon Reader!

In many ways this comic can be seen as a love letter to the '80s. The terrible haircuts, the fashion, the guitar solos, the references to David Hasselhoff, and even the unicorns all yell "1980s!" to me. And while I love many aspects of the 1980s (mostly related to old videogames), the aspects used in this comic aren't ones I'm particularly fond of (ie. I'd rather listen to NES style chip tunes than hair metal).

However, I do like Hetland's art. The first page showing the hills that Bramble is built on is simple but somehow detailed. I also like the way she draws rain clouds, with many lines and stuff indicating their darkness. Plus it's pretty much impossible to dislike a comic where a guy fires unicorns out of his guitar.

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