Monday, April 9, 2012

Two and a Bit Songs: My Open Mic Adventure

By Jimi Gherkin

Years ago the band that some of my friends were in decided to go on tour. But as we lived on the most Eastern tip of Newfoundland (look it up), getting to other cities was rather difficult and required both more time and money than any of my friends had.

So instead they decided to go on a tour of all the open mic nights around town. They played in some bizarre places, had an awesome time, and even printed up some tshirts saying the date they played in each bar.

Why have I told you this story? Well, you can probably tell based upon the title of this comic to be honest. Several years ago (at Easter!) comics creator Jimi Gherkin decided that he wanted to play some songs he had written in front of other people. For the first time.

As anyone that's ever performed in front of other peoples knows, this can be pretty frightening, but Jimi seems like the type of person who is willing to do things that might scare him a bit.

So he looked up some open mic nights, invited his friends along, and headed out to rock the house. The venues where Jimi played seem pretty varied, ranging from weirdly formal to kind of cruddy. But he managed to have a good time at all of them, and even managed to play a Dead Kennedys cover. (Hurray!)

In addition to the comics that show how each performance went, Jimi also illustrates the first verse of one of his songs, which features a lot more violence and vomiting than the rest of the comic.

Overall this is a nice, and in some ways sweet, comic about fulfilling your ambitions and meeting new people. If only every zinester could be this positive about life : )

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