Thursday, April 12, 2012

Momo Samples

By Mo

This comic features 13 comic strips. That's right, comic strips, like you would see in a newspaper or, more likely, a website like Penny Arcade. Okay, this is definitely more like something you'd see in a newspaper.

The main character is Momo, a small, slightly overweight, silent child. While Momo is completely uninterested in school, and seemingly everything that is not cookies, cakes, or some other kind of sweets, he does have vibrant imagination. Even if that is often reflected in his thoughts relating to baked goods.

While the comics are mostly amusing, there's also a sadness that exists in some of them. Other kids at Momo's school call him "fatty", which lead to him both not enjoying school, and drowning his sorrows in more cookies once he gets home. It seems like a vicious circle, one that is unfortunately reflected by the experiences of real life people.

The comics are drawn in an attractive style, and feature some nice looking and varied lettering. The lettering is all done by hand, and the different fonts used in speech balloons and sound effects is awesome.

It also features a mystifying number of blank pages. I definitely would have laid this out differently.

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