Sunday, April 8, 2012

"dotdotdash" Callout

I recently received this call out for zines. It might be more appropriate for people in Australia, but it still sounds pretty neat!

Hey there,

I'm from dotdotdash (, a literary art journal from Perth, WA, and we're doing a zine collaboration project called Fingerprint which I wondering if you could pass along to your mailing list or callout list at all? Or if you yourself would like to contribute that would be swell!

Basically for this edition of dotdotdash, instead of a magazine, subscribers will receive a package of 20 or so zines. Each package will have a different combination of zines, and will be unique, like a fingerprint. But for this we need thousands of zines and that's where we need you! Feel free to start on a zine project for us straight away (but let us know if you are, so we can include you in the count and not freak out about how few submissions we have!). Submissions are due May the 7th but let us know if you have one coming and we might give you a bit of leeway.

If you have any leftover copies of your old zines that you'd like to send along, we'd love to have those too, just don't forget to mark them with a fingerprint in some way so that they can be a part of the project :)

I've attached a flyer if you wanna pass along the project info to anyone, also this page from the dotdotdash website ( explains Fingerprint a bit further.

Warm wishes, and thanks for being an awesome zine-maker (and/or distro) anyway :)

Shamini J

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