Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'll Never Again Dance

By Helen Flanagan and Alex Bailey

Poems and stockings and blurry images,
Pictures of skulls with their horns, teeth, and ridges,
Zines filled with photos tied up with strings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

(Based on a song from the Sound of Music, who knew?)

Okay, so you know I'm lying about poems being one of my favourite things, but I did still like this zine filled with strange, at times ghostly, pictures. The pictures here run the gamut from what look like spur of the moment snapshots to carefully framed and posed photographs to artisic blurriness.

The images are full bleed, printed to the edge of the paper (except for a couple of places where there's a bit of a white border along side where my copy was apparently miscropped). The full bleed images look really nice here, and make it apparent that, despite the occasional text, the images are what are supposed to be the main attraction.

There are some pixelation and contrast issues on a few of the photos, but they actually end up adding to what are some of my favourite photos in this zine. The photos show faded, blurry (like in really old pictures) images of what kind of look like ghosts. Actually, the more I look at one of these images the more I wonder if it's actually of a real person. However, even if it's just a digital image, or a piture of something that is not (or was never) a person, I still think it looks pretty good, just like the zine as a whole.

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