Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bonus Review! Birmingham Zine Festival 2010

Okay, this really can't justify a full review, but I clearly need to use this space to help pimp this event more.

Tomorrow! The Birmingham Zine Festival starts tomorrow with events going on for the rest of the weekend. You should really go!

This zine/program was created by the fine folks who do the Atta Girl dance night things and make zines to go with those.

Inside we have information about what a zine is, the full schedule of events (movie nights, zine fairs, picnics, art shows, drawing events, dancing, workshops, music!), a map showing where all the events are happening (useful!), and some pieces of art that were done to promote the festival.

The reverse is the full image of the cover in poster form! Rad.

Anyway, I'm totally looking forward to the event, and should have a new zine by the time I get there. Plus lots of old ones. Come by and trade with me!

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