Thursday, September 9, 2010

Deary Beloved

By Amy

My history of relationships isn't great. Not that the people I've gone out with haven't been awesome, and I still talk to most of the people I've been involved with, it's just that my longest (consecutive) relationship ever was about six months, and that was years ago.

I've never been dumped or dumped someone, in fact most of the relationships have ended by mutual agreement or because someone was moving somewhere else. So reading about someone's five year relationship, and the way it ended is both kind of intense and kind of confusing.

Here Amy tries to deal with being "just Amy" instaed of part of "Amy and David" after her relationship of almost five years finally ends. The zine is a collection of random thoughts and memories. Thinking about the good parts of the relationship, wondering where it went wrong, and hoping that the other person is as miserable as she is.

It's not the happiest of stories to read, and when it turns out that Amy was basically dumped so that her boyfriend could go off and be with someone else it makes him seem like kind of a dick. Though with only one side of the story I guess you never know everything that happens.

Overall I found this kind of hard to get to grips with, and to be honest I hope I am never able to properly understand the opinions and views that Amy has here. Lets keep our fingers crossed for that one.

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