Wednesday, July 31, 2013


By Stef Bradley

That's a bow tied around the outside of this zine, and just based on the way this zine was packaged I cannot give it a bad review.

Inside the envelope I received was a brown paper package tied up with string. That's one of my favourite things! (Actually, here's a less depressing BjÓ§rk track.)

Inside the package was this bag (it now holds all my pencils and pens).

Which contained zines and buttons/badges. Awesome!

Anyway, this zine is filled with cute little illustrated anecdotes (some sort of poem like): sitting in a bathtub (fully clothed) to read scary books, making an extravagant birthday sandwich for a friend who didn't like cake, working lame jobs, making blanket forts and plastic bag parachutes, and listening to thrift store mix tapes.

I enjoyed this look inside Stef's mind. It seemed as though it showed what sort of person they are, and the kinds of things that matter to them. Okay, so maybe I'm reading far too much into this, and maybe I just want an incredible birthday sandwich (with Monster Munch on it!), but I'm looking forward to reading the other issues of Today that I received. And if you don't know what Monster Munch is you clearly need to track down a copy of my zine Potato Maze.

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