Wednesday, July 17, 2013

No More Touch! A Love Story

By Mary Karaplis/Mei K

The cover and title of this comic make it seem like it's going to be a lot more...confrontational than it is. As though most of the comic is going to be about someone incredibly bitter and jaded about relationships. And while Karaplis might be bitter and jaded, it doesn't really come through in the comic. While it starts with her heart being broken, she soon (or at least a short number of pages later) finds another person, and eventually falls in love with them.

While some of the comics in here are kind of cute, I think my disconnection from them probably says more about me and my past history of relationships (ie. I have not been in many long term relationships) than the creator. Of course, I'm sure it doesn't help that I don't think the people in this comic seem like people I'd want to go out with. (Really? You need to remind your partner to shower?!)

What I do like is the artwork, which is really cute. I didn't scan the image, but there are some pictures of drunk owls in here that are totally adorable.

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