Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pants: an anthology

By Ben Juers, Jone Fine, Emily Steele Sauter, and Nomi Kane

This is a comic book anthology about pants. Not pants in the UK sense, but trousers. Kind of a weird idea for an anthology, but at the same time it's broad enough that you can have lots of different types of stories that still fulfill the mandated theme.

The stories contained in this zine include one were a cat turns into a tree after putting on pants, a historical piece about early adopters of bloomers, the existence of nantucket reds and horrible yuppie society, and a giant, talking spider who thinks they're not getting jobs because they're naked.

I think I liked the spider story the best, just because it was so bizarre. How can a spider even wear pants?! (The answer is revealed to readers!) I would have ranked the story about bloomers higher, but the historical section has an (autobiographical?) framing device about some anxious artist and his partner who he's infatuated with that I found really boring.

Possibly the neatest thing about this comic is that the back cover has a glued on "pocket" that includes a smaller comic called "Shorts". I thought this was a really cute idea, and the only thing that sort of mars it is that only have the comics in it are actually about shorts. But while I actually liked the non-shorts based comics here better (who can't love the idea of a "denim hoodie jumpsuit"?), I still love the idea as a whole.

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