Tuesday, May 28, 2013


By Eroyn Franklin

I've read a number of Franklin's comics over the past couple of months, and all of them seem to succeed in making me feel uncomfortable in one way or another. This one is hard to describe as it doesn't seem to be "about" anything, and not that much actually happens. Franklin's site says "The deluge is a struggle with burdens that appear overwhelming but by comparison to the problems of others they are surmountable, even welcomed.", but to be honest I totally didn't get that out of the comic.

The comic features the same two panel layout on each page, and opens with a person seemingly frustrated with an itch in their ear. Over several pages they begin picking at it, and what starts as almost nothing becomes a...well, a "deluge" or ear stuff. It's kind of gross, helped in no small part by the fact that all of the ear stuff is printed with a sickly green colour.

The comic continues with vomiting and a hobo (why is this word not recognized by my spellchecker?) and gets even stranger, but no explanation of what's going on or why is ever given. However, I guess I have to commend Franklin for creating a comic that has almost succeeded in making me taste earwax, and even writing that sentence is close to making me gag.

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