Sunday, April 14, 2013

Peach Melba #s 35, 36, 37, & 38

By Pearl
PO Box 74
Brighton, UK

Yes! Take that January! I've already written more reviews than I did in all of you and March combined! Though that is saying waaaaay more about the lack of writing I've done for this site this year rather than anything else...

I met Pearl three years ago at a zine fest in England, and since then she has made a lot of zines. I'm horribly behind at reviewing these, so she's probably up to the mid 40s by now because she makes one every month. My gosh, I wish I had that amount of commitment to making zines.

Each of Pearl's zines is a single intricately folded piece of paper that is filled with a multitude of lists. I always smile when I read Peach Melba because some of the lists are so completely ridiculous,. But I love reading about what Pearl thinks are "unreasonable commands to expect a dog to follow" ("solve food crises"), jobs she would hate to have ("olympic fencer", "bee eater", "police officer"), or "Useful life advice" ("eat soup"). Issue 35 even has a list of rejected lists!

The content isn't particularly deep or anything, but if you read enough of them you start to get a picture of what Pearl is like as a person, and the things she comes up with for her lists always succeed in cheering me up if I'm feeling a bit down.

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