Thursday, April 25, 2013

Moon Hat 1400 Issue #8

Sex wizard? I love that band! No wait, I mean I love collage, which fill this that zine to the brim. (And the reason there's nobody credited as creating this is that the editor is listed as "Dick Awesome", and there's no internet contact for anyone involved.) (Edit: I was emailed some websites! They're included above.)

So yeah, I like both making and looking at collages, and some of the ones in this zines are pretty good. They combine hand drawn content with comics, text, photos, other stuff from a variety of sources. I like the chaotic nature of the content, where a box of Kraft Dinner is on the same page as pixel-art hunters or buildings have giant floating eyes in the sky above them. I also like the redialogued comic ad for Dungeons and Dragons that had a character casting an "adventure spell" so they can skip the boring stuff and go straight to the end castle.

But, at the same time a lot of the content here seems kind of juvenile and mean spirited. And while some of the content and humour is fine, I don't think it's really necessary to have "Santa (TM) touched by butthole." or whatever else. Maybe I'm just over-sensitive.

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