Saturday, April 9, 2011

I See the World in Hipstervision

By Elliot Baggott

Hipsters get a bad rap. I mean, there are songs about how they are stupid. This becomes all the more ridiculous when you consider that almost nobody describes themselves as a hipster, and in fact few people can even describe the term (leading to this comic, which I think explains the concept quite well).

So I was a little excited by this, as I thought it might be someone trying to reclaim the term (ironically of course), or some sort of comic poking fun at hipsters.

It's neither, instead it is (as the subtitle says) a collection of sketches. Some of the people look kind of hipstery, others just look like normal people (though I'm not really sure if the elf is based on a real person or just imagination). The art mostly shows people with haircuts and some girls that seem pretty cute, though the ones I liked best where the drawings of buildings. Yay architecture!

Really though, these sketches just have nothing on sketches done by other people. (Yes, that is me.)

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